Star Wars Eclipse Announced by Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games

Ule Lopez
Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars, a household name with gamers and moviegoers alike. Tons of movies, video games, and books make the galaxy a very big and varied locale with deep lore and storylines. The truth is, Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games have joined together to make a brand-new story seeded within the High Republic continuity.

The new game, called Star Wars Eclipse, has a brand-new trailer celebrating its worldwide reveal at The Game Awards 2021. You can watch the newest trailer below, and experience the newest reveal to add to the Star Wars universe, presented by Lucasfilm Games.

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The trailer showcases some of the game’s lush, detailed locations such as Coruscant, home of the Jedi Temple, and Kashyyk come to life. Keen-eyed viewers can also notice that Yoda was seen inside of the Jedi Temple, peering through one of the windows. The game’s also shown some of its stunning visuals and other materials that are core to the Star Wars experience, such as space battles, a ground army marching towards its next battle, and a lightsaber duel.

However, other than that, the game is relatively light on information. There’s no real information on its release date or what platforms it’s slated to release on. All we know is that it merely exists. The lack of a confirmed gameplay style leaves it up to three possible gameplay styles; one akin to an action game like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed or Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order, something more story-driven like Knights of the Old Republic, or something more like Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human, which are right up Quantic Dream’s alley, design-wise.

Considering the rumors we reported on, it can be easy to assume that the game will have a proper action element to it. The Quantic Dream Star Wars game should feature a more traditional action combat system instead. The design may even include open world and multiplayer element. At least, that's what the rumors so far have believed.

Star Wars Eclipse’s release date is currently to be announced (TBA). We’ll update if any further information about its release on consoles or other means is revealed.

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