Star Wars Battlefront II First ‘Assault on Theed’ Gameplay Will Debut on June 10

Aernout van de Velde
star wars battlefront II gameplay theed

EA has announced that the first Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay will debut on June 10 during EA’s EA Play event.

The assault will kick off at 12.30 PM PT, and will feature one of the game’s new 40-player multiplayer battles from the prequel trilogy.

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“Sleek N-1 Starfighters and Vulture Droids scream overhead spewing light and fire”, EA writes on the game’s website. “Nimble AT-RT Walkers race around corners, pursued by roaring AATs. Agile Clone Jet Troopers hop from rooftop to rooftop, while rampaging B2 Super Battle Droids level everything in their path. Armies of Clones and Droids sprint across cover, their blazing weapons shattering the tranquility of the once-peaceful capital of Naboo. And at the center of the swirling melee the lightsabers and Darth Maul and Rey cut swaths through the ranks of the battling troopers.”

Two teams of 20 players will be formed for the livestream, one led by YouTuber StoneMountain64 and the other by Neebs Gaming.

Clone Troopers will mount a desperate defense against the invading forces of the Separatist Battle Droids. Can the Republic forces stop the relentless crawl of the massive Multi-Troop Transport as it lumbers toward the palace doors?

Star Wars Battlefront II was officially announced back in April of this year. “EA has assembled an incredible set of developers to create a Star Wars gaming experience unlike anything fans have ever experienced,” said Douglas Reilly, Senior Director, Digital & Franchise Management upon the game’s announcement. “Star Wars Battlefront II will offer everything players loved about the last instalment, and adds new modes that we know the fans want, including an entirely new story developed in partnership with Lucasfilm.”

The sequel to Star Wars battlefront will release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17.

Aside from Star Wars Battelfront II, EA Ghost's Need for Speed 2017 will also be playable at EA Play.

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