Star Wars Battlefront Heroes Vs Villains Issues To Be Fixed Before Bespin Release, AT-AT Cockpit View Not Planned


Star Wars Battlefront, the latest game developed by DICE based on the Star Wars franchise, has received a couple of free updates in the past few months which introduced new content, new features and fixes for a variety of issues. Unfortunately, the latest update also introduced some issues that are making a specific play mode less enjoyable, but it seems like things will be taken care of soon.

A few hours ago, DICE Lead Designer Dennis Brännvall has confirmed that the Heroes Vs Villains mode is going to be fixed before the release of the Bespin DLC. Among the mode specific issues that will be fixed are issues manifesting when not picking a hero in time and AMD hardware frame rate issues that manifest themselves when there are four heroes.

Additionally, Dennis Brännvall has also revealed recently what may not be coming to the game anytime soon. A Star Wars Battlefront fan recently asked the game's Lead Designer about a cockpit view for AT-AT, and Dennis Brännvall revealed that it's not currently in the plans, as they tried implementing it already, but felt it was weird as the view moved with their footsteps.

One of the Star Wars Battlefront biggest issues is the lack of a proper main campaign. Last week, EA revealed that the Star Wars Battlefront campaign was cut so to launch the game side-by-side with Star Wars Episode VII. With another Star Wars Battlefront coming late next year, it's quite likely that EA and DICE will address this criticism by adding a real single player campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.