Star Wars Battlefront Ray Tracing Showcase Shared by MassiHancer

Alessio Palumbo

Star Wars Battlefront may be close to six years old now, but it still looks amazing on PC, even more so if you check out graphics showcases like the one shared by MassiHancer.

You may recognize the name from some popular graphics mods for games like DOOM Eternal. MassiHancer, whose real name is Giulio Guglielmi, reached out to Wccftech to provide more information about his latest Star Wars Battlefront 'remastered' showcase video.

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I tried to make the Frostbite Engine shine again, thanks to many months of my spare time creating shaders for ENB Series and then converting them to Reshade.
I tried  to improve Godrays, the Clouds and Particles effects andfilmic impact with Color grading (through many, many shaders).
You can instantly find better Details, new realistic Reflections, sharper textures, better sense of depth thanks also to the use of RT Beta Shader fromPascal Gilcher, but using more customized shaders to improve the Global Illumination and ambient occlusion.
I worked hard to create a Tonemap and a Dynamic Dof that is very similar to the one seen on Unreal Engine 5 tech demo. To avoid any smoke bleeds between RT shader and the in-game effects like smoke and explosions, I used a Fog-Transparency detector.
After comparison scenes starting at 2:32, you can find gameplay footage at 7:02 featuring the planets of Tatooine and Sullust with all the RT effects enabled! This is rendered in real time in 8K resolution thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

This Star Wars Battlefront MassiHancer showcase isn't currently available to the public. If you wish to speed MassiHancer, it might be a good idea to donate through the creator's Patreon page.

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