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Star Citizen Feb ’16: Star Marine & 2.2 Details!


New Version!

New Versions!

2.2.0e is currently available in the PTU! Headline features of 2.2 include:

A new flyable ship (the Sabre).

The Aegis Dynamics Sabre

A new hangar ready ship (the Xi’an Scout).

Xi'an Khartu-Al (Scout)

Some reputation mechanics within the Crusader system now take effect including:

  1. Monitored space alert: Active comm arrays now allow for space to be monitored. When monitored, criminal activities will increase your criminal level.
  2. Disabling a comm array will allow you to undertake dastardly deeds unnoticed thereby not affecting your criminal level.
  3. You can reduce your criminal level by:
    1. Ten minutes without criminal activity will reduce your level by 1.
    2. Hacking a terminal at Security Post Kareah. Each hack takes 1 minute and reduces level by 1, however only one criminal can hack at a time so you’d best defend the terminal while your hack takes place!
  4. Once you reach criminal level 5, a bounty is placed on your head and other players are invited to go kill you. If you kill a level 5 criminal, congratulations! Crusader Industries will give you a Klaus & Werner ATT4 Energy Rifle for your troubles (you’ll find it in your sleeping pod on Port Olisar).
  5. If killed while a criminal, each criminal level adds 30 seconds of “jail time” to your respawn during which time you’ll have to wait in your pod. If you attain level 5 and are killed, you’ll be ejected from the instance.
  6. Both pirates and security AI will become much more aggressive towards aggressors.
  7. When a player attacks another player, the radar will now flag that player as hostile.

A new EVA (jet packs in space) model which allows for some degree of drift and inertia.

There is now a much more usable party system in 2.2. Forming a party (for example from the hangar module) prior to joining the PU will mean that the servers will attempt to place all party members in a single instance (instance size now increased to 24).

The above is just a very small snapshot of the changes which come with 2.2. If you’re a backer, head over to the forums here to see the full list (it’s big!).


In addition to the big initial release of 2.2, 5 subsequent patches have fixed about 60 bugs that have been found in it.

New Videos!

The BBC visited CIG in both LA and the UK to do a piece on them for their regular technology show “Click”. There was no big news in the show but those with access to BBC iPlayer can watch it here: