Spotify Launches Lite Version of Its App Weighing In at Only 5MB

Spotify Files for IPO With 159 Million Monthly Active Users

Over the past couple of months, we've seen several stripped-down variants of popular apps find their way into the market. We have Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, the newly released Instagram Lite and now joining their ranks is Spotify Lite. Like most lite versions of apps, Spotify Lite is a cut-down version of the full app and packs only the bare minimum features that are required for the app to work.

The design is pretty similar to the standard app with the only noticeable change being a redesigned “Now Playing” screen and a different search UI. There is even a tool for controlling mobile data usage through which one can keep track of your usage, and also set monthly limits for the amount of data used.

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However, there are several key features missing that might make the app a no-go for many. The app is devoid of the Library section and options for adjusting audio quality, which is set to the lowest preset (presumably as a data-saving measure). Spotify Connect doesn't exist either. The worst part, it lacks the ability to download songs for offline listening.


The complete lack of Premium features is a deal-breaker for premium users and hopefully, that should change soon. The app is still relatively new and it'll be a while before Spotify can figure out how to include new features while maintaining the 'Lite' status of the app.

The only advantage of using the app right now is that it weighs only 5MB in size and ideal for budget devices that don't come with a lot of storage. If you're a non-Premium user and want to de-bloat your phone, you can give the app a try by downlading it via the Play Store. Bear in mind, it might not be available to you just yet, depending on your location.

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