Splash Damage Is Hiring to Make a Game Based on a New Sci-Fi IP

Splash Damage

London-based developer Splash Damage announced that it's hiring for a new game based on a Sci-Fi intellectual property of its own creation. Splash Damage, which released Gears Tactics back in April 2020, has listed all of the job openings on the company's official website.

2021 is Splash Damage’s 20th year making games and while we’ve loved spending the past few weeks looking back, you’re probably dying to know what we’re working on right now…

We’re thrilled to announce that one of our current projects is a brand new game, set in an original sci-fi universe.

We’ve loved working with established IPs like Wolfenstein, Gears of War, and Halo over our 20-year history, but we’re eager to create another world of our own like Brink, Outcasters, and Dirty Bomb.

But why are we announcing without a title? Well, this is a unique opportunity to join us, and to have a major impact on our next IP, and help shape the future of the studio.

For a look at all of the roles, and to apply, check out the list below:

The most recent game made by Splash Damage is Outcasters, a top-down multiplayer title released exclusively for Google Stadia in the summer of 2020. Earlier this year, on May 31st, the publisher for Outcasters changed from Google LLC to Warchest Ltd., Splash Damage’s own publishing division.

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In 2021, Splash Damage parent company Leyou was acquired by Tencent. The studio is therefore now operating as an independent entity within the Tencent family.

Co-Founder and CEO Richard Jolly said at the time:

In our many discussions with Tencent, it became clear that they not only believe in that mission but will do everything they can to enable and empower us to realise it.

This is going to be a bold new phase for our studio, with an amazing line-up of ambitious games that deliver on what Splash Damage is all about. We couldn’t be more excited.

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