Gears Tactics Gets a Console Release Date, Will be an Xbox Series X/S Launch Title


When Gears Tactics launched on PC earlier this year, Microsoft promised the game would also be coming to consoles and now we know when that will happen. Gears Tactics will be launching on consoles alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in November! An Xbox One version will also be released.

But that’s not all the Gears goodness you can expect – Gears 5 will also be getting a free Xbox Series update when the new consoles launch. Back in July Gears developer The Coalition promised PC-Ultra-level visuals and new exclusive features such as screen space global illumination, higher particle counts, and possibly even 120fps multiplayer would be available to Xbox Series X owners (obviously, the Xbox Series S will have a different feature set).

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Haven’t tried out Gears Tactics yet? It may well be worth checking out on launch day, as Wccftech’s Chris Wray found it to be a top-notch turn-based tactical game in his full review

Gears Tactics is, simply put, an excellent turn-based tactics game that stands up well against titles like XCOM and others at the top of the genre. While it has some slight issues, such as disappearing characters and a story that can best be described as "more Gears of War", the character development is better than the series' average and most importantly, it makes slight changes to the genre that make it a joy to play. From extensive character customisation letting you specialise characters and teams, to various smart gameplay tweaks, Splash Damage has created one of the best RTT games in quite a while.

Gears Tactics marches onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on November 10 (the same day the new consoles launch). You can get more details on the Xbox Series X/S, including when pre-orders are opening up, right here.