SpellForce 3 Just Received Extensive Modding Tools

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Grimlore Games have announced that SpellForce 3 users can now access extensive modding tools. They also said that in the future, they plan to expand the existing modding possibilities as well as implementing Steam Workshop support.

Players can not only create maps with the same tools as the development team, they can also use an extensive scripting tool to create their very own missions and custom maps, with unique rule-sets. You want to set up a MOBA-kind-of-map, where you only command heroes, while automated armies fight each other? Or do you prefer a Horde mode, fighting ever stronger waves of enemies? You can create them, you can make #MakeRTSGreatAgain.

This is the first step of the modding implementation for SpellForce 3. The map- and scripting editor will come with a detailed tutorial and glossary, to make the modding opportunities as accessible as possible to everyone. The modding tools are available now and can be downloaded directly via steam. Of course, they are free for all owners of SpellForce 3.

Chris reviewed SpellForce 3 recently and found it enjoyable despite several flaws.

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SpellForce 3 isn't a bad game, it can even be pretty good at parts. A vast world is left for you to explore with far-reaching problems to solve. The game merges RPG and RTS in a great way, never leaving one side the worse for it. However, it can often fall foul of leaving you with little to do outside of RTS, with areas impressive to look at, but boring to walk through. There certainly is something interesting to find out with the story as well, but the delivery leaves a lot to want with too much exposition and terrible voice acting. You can certainly have fun with SpellForce, particularly the fast-paced strategy side of things, but it can feel like a slog at times.

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