Inside Spacelords: The Path to Free to Play

Chris Wray

A little while back I brought you a first look at Spacelords. This rebranded, reborn and relaunched version of Raiders of the Broken Planet will release in just twelve days.

To ease any concerns and answer any questions, developers MercurySteam have released three videos that should cover and answer any questions and concerns anybody interested in playing Spacelords may have.

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First and foremost is the video featuring MercurySteam co-owner and game director for Spacelords, Enric Álvarez, with community manager Karen Hernández. In this, Enric explains why the studio has decided to rebrand Raiders of the Broken Planet into Spacelords coinciding with the launch of Council Apocalypse on the 23rd of August.

For the second video, Karen Hernández talks about the free to play transition of the game. The video will explain how all core content will now be free and unlockable just through playing the game. In addition, the monetisation of the game is covered, explaining how extra cosmetics will be sold to bring in revenue. The video also covers what bonuses pre-existing Raiders of the Broken Planet players, who invested money into the game, will get in return for that.

The third, and final video brings you Karen Hernández with Lead Designer John Amat. The video covers how the game is affected, how the advancement and rewards system has been reworked to work for both new and veteran players alike.

It's likely there are still some unanswered questions even following these videos, though hopefully a lot has been covered. Much like when I was able to have a hands-on and a close look at the game, I'm certainly interested in Spacelords. It's a much-needed breath of fresh air in a game that, otherwise, only really saw an upturn when the necessary changes were made.

Coming out on the 23rd of August, Spacelords will be Free to Play and more than worth the time you give it.

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