Some Samsung Devices to Get Android Pie Earlier Than Anticipated


Samsung posted their Android Pie roadmap sometime ago and had kept its word so far. The Korean telecommunication giant promised that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the first to receive Android Pie, followed by the Galaxy Note 9. Both devices are now running Android Pie, and the next devices in line appear to be last years' Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Both devices have an Android Pie beta running and should receive a stable build sometime next month.

Today, Samsung made some adjustments in its Android Pie roadmap. Galaxy devices, in general, are poised to get Android Pie quicker. Samsung even hinting that some devices not on the list may get Android Pie as well. They'll very likely be some mid-range or budget devices that didn't make it to the original list. Here's how the updated roadmap looks like.

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The Galaxy A7 (2018) and Galaxy A9 (2018) are now slated to get Pie in March instead of April. The Galaxy J6, meanwhile, is expected to get the update in April (instead of May). Similarly, the A7 (2018) and A9 (2018) will get its update sometime in March. Sadly, there is no official recourse for Galaxy S7 owners. The aging flagship has already received two major software updates and will only receive security patches once in three months.

The update is subject to a lot of factors such as location and bugs. So far, Samsung has managed to stay on track, but there are bound to be some hiccups along the road. Last year, the Galaxy S8 Oreo update was affected in some regions owing to reports of the update triggering random reboots. You can keep a check on all upcoming updates in the Samsung Members (Samsung+ in the U.S) by heading over to the 'Notices' tab by tapping on the hamburger button on the top left. The tentative schedule only applies to unlocked devices and owners of carrier-locked devices will have to refer to their carriers' website for any update-related information.

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