SilverStone Releases the FARA H1 M Micro-ATX Tower Case

Source: SilverStone

SilverStone has announced a stylish and distinct Micro-ATX gaming chassis, which features a steel honeycombed mesh design providing fantastic internal airflow to cool the PC components. This mesh design allows any RGB fans to be easily shown through; SilverStone has yet to announce any pricing information for the FARA H1 M PC case.

SilverStone Introduces the FARA H1 M PC case featuring a mesh front panel and a honeycomb design

SilverStone announces the FARA H1 M PC case that features a Micro-ATX design which a mesh front panel allowing for fantastic airflow throughout the PC case. Underneath the mesh is a steel frame with a hexagonal design that allows for structural rigidity and a unique design that fits into nearly any setup. This case features a black color scheme with a tempered glass side panel allowing the RGB lighting to be easily shown. This tempered glass side panel is lightly tinted, and the internal of the case features a horizontally-partitioned layout. This case features the dimensions of 366 mm x 210 mm x 392 mm, in the Length x Width x Height format.

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Source: SilverStone

This case offers compatibility for up to an mATX motherboard, a supported GPU length of 320 mm if the front fan isn't installed, and a maximum width of 160 mm. This case can also support a CPU height of up to 160 mm, allowing for a powerful CPU cooler in this mATX case. This case can support the standard ATX power supply, allowing for incredibly powerful systems to be easily installed into this case. This case can support a 160 mm long PSU with the hard drive cage installed; without the hard drive cage, a 250 mm PSU can be installed easily.

This case can support either two 2.5" drives and two 3.5" or three 2.5" drives and only a single 3.5" drive for storage. Simultaneously, the case's front panel features a single USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. This front panel connection also features HDA jacks allowing users to connect a headset and microphone.

Silverstone has yet to announce any pricing information for the FARA H1 M PC case or when this PC case will be on the market.

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