Silverstone Introduces the DA1650 High-Wattage Modular Power Supply

Evan Federowicz
Source: SilverStone

Silverstone introduces the DA1650 modular power supply, which offers a plethora of features that any PC builder will appreciate. Some of these features include an 80 PLUS Gold certification, a 100% modular design, and even a 135 mm ultra-silent fan with a delayed shut-off function and a 0 RPM mode. Silverstone advised that the DA1650 will be backed by a 5-year warranty and is priced at $330.

Silverstone Introduces its high-wattage power supply, the DA1650 which features a fully-modular design and 180 mm depth

Silverstone's DA1650 High-wattage ATX power supply offers up to 1650-watts of power for the builder's high-end PC system. This high level of wattage allows for a dual-GPU set up to be easily powered by the DA1650.

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Source: SilverStone

The DA1650 High-wattage modular power supply has a certification of 80 PLUS Gold, which means this PSU is rated for at least 87% efficiency at 20% load, and at 50% load, this power supply offers up to 90% efficiency.

The fully modular design allows for space-saving on the inside of the PC builder's case. The modular design is perfect for PC builders that want an ultra-clean setup, and this can be achieved by only plugging in the cords required by the PC system.

While the DA1650 power supply, does feature an ATX design but the 180 mm depth sets a new standard for 1650-watts PSUs with modular cables. This power supply comes with flat cables that enable tighter folding and better management of cables.

Source: SilverStone

The DA1650 power supply features an ultra-silent 135 mm FDB dan with intelligent RPM control that only turns the fan on once the PSU has up to a 30% load or roughly 495-watts. This fan at maximum load can make up to 36 dBA. The DA1650 power supply also features a 0 RPM mode for the fan, which means this power supply would make no sound at all!

The 0 RPM mode makes this power supply perfect for a home office where needing silence during meetings is incredibly important. The added silence would also be a great addition to any sound engineer's setup. Silverstone did inform TechPowerUp that the DA1650 will be backed by a 5-year warranty and is going to be priced at $330.

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