Silent Hill P.T. Demo Can Run on a Regular, Fully Updated PS5

Francesco De Meo
Silent Hill

The legendary Silent Hill P.T demo is among the very few titles that cannot run on PlayStation 5, but it seems like this isn't exactly the case.

Well-known hacker and dataminer Lance McDonald revealed on Twitter that he managed to get P.T. running on a non-jailbroken, fully updated PlayStation 5 console. He managed to do so by transferring a hacked PlayStation 4 emulator from a jailbroken PlayStation 5.

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After sharing the short video embedded above, Lance McDonald has also gone live on Twitch to showcase the Silent Hill P.T. demo running on PlayStation 5. While the demo doesn't take advantage of the console's better hardware for obvious reasons, it is still impressive to see how it is possible to work around some of the limitations imposed by console manufacturers in some clever ways.

This week is setting out to be a great week for fans of the Silent Hill series, as a new Silent Hill Transmission broadcast has been announced for October 19th to provide all the latest updates on the series. Among the games that will be shown will be the Short Message playable teaser, according to a reliable insider who shared screenshots from this new playable teaser a while back. The rumored Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team is likely to be announced during the broadcast as well.

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