Silent Hill Gets Brutalized In New Dead by Daylight Chapter


Ask any Silent Hill fan what their top three memories of the series are and usually they'll involve Pyramid Head, holes that don't exist any more, and that damned dog being behind it all. Well, at least one of those things will be making its triumphant return to gaming with the release of Dead by Daylight's latest DLC chapter.

Dead by Daylight has become one of the largest microcosms of horror villains in recent months, from Michael Myers to Jigsaw and even Stranger Things' Demogorgon (I'm still waiting for Pinhead, personally). With the upcoming Chapter XVI for Dead by Daylight, Pyramid Head (The Executioner) will make his playable debut. Purchasing the Silent Hill add-on Chapter will also grant a universal Charm: The Seal of Metatron.

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In addition to Pyramid Head's appearance in Dead by Daylight, Silent Hill 3's Cheryl Mason and the Midwich Elementary School map will both become a regular part of the games' cast. Cheryl Mason comes with a unique perk drawn from her "immense hardship" throughout Silent Hill 3 and grants her both the Endurance status effect for 8 seconds after being healed or recovering from dying as well as being able to fully recover from the dying state while being cursed by a hex. Whether this stacks with perks like Adrenaline or overwrites the No One Escapes Death hex will remain to be seen.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on Steam, Microsoft Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even iOS and Android. While the Silent Hill chapter has not been priced yet, we shall see whether it fits in line with the $6.99 of previous chapters or up towards the $11.99 Stranger Things chapter.