Silent Hill goes First Person in ‘Beginning Nightmare’ Concept Demo


Silent Hill is still one of the scariest, most atmospheric games to have ever been made, with one of the most memorable introductions I've ever had in a game. Namely, finding yourself in that damn alley, the change happening, then you're trapped. When I first played it, I was panicking, frantically running around thinking I was going to lose the game really early. I was ten at the time.

Introducing Zero Trace Operative and the first-person Silent Hill remake. Well, proof of concept that a first-person remake would still be as terrifyingly good, even with old PSX era visuals. Sure, this isn't going to be Silent Hills, nor will this even be finished because that would be incredibly time intensive and, well, Konami. What this is, though, is a pretty damn enjoyable short and creepy proof of concept.

Rumor: Konami Set to Revive Metal Gear/Castlevania/Silent Hill Through Remakes

As stated on the website:

This is a short (3 to 5 minute), fan-made recreation of the beginning nightmare in the first Silent Hill game, and is a complete project. A tribute in celebration of its 20th year of life. It has been re-imagined in a cinematic first-person view, so expect things to be different; but familiar. I really hope you enjoy.


If you don't want to download the concept demo, though it's only 549mb and well worth you giving it a quick go, you can watch the longplay of the concept demo below. Is it a longplay when the thing is under five minutes long? That is one of the questions that has troubled philosophers from as far back as Aristotle.

So yes, Silent Hill and a proof of concept that even with old-timey visuals, it would pretty much be guaranteed to work well as a first-person game designed just to give me nightmares. Give the demo a go, you wont regret it!