Konami Says High-End Console Games Are Still ‘Most Important’ and Something They’re Working On

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Konami is a publisher that most hardcore gamers don't love as much as they did only a few years ago. That began with their decision to essentially fire Hideo Kojima, but also with the strategy to focus more on mobile games and other ventures (such as the now infamous Pachinko machines) rather than the traditional console and PC games they were known for.

That's not to say they haven't released any of those games. In addition to Pro Evolution Soccer, we got Metal Gear Survive and Super Bomberman R. Later this month, Konami will release Contra: Rogue Corps.

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Speaking to GamesIndustry, Konami Europe president Masami Saso confirmed that new 'high-end console games' are still important for the company's future and something they are working on.

Even with new platforms coming out, we believe high-end console games are the most important. We challenge for innovative ideas and technology within our console games and apply them to other devices, so we will continue to put effort into our console games. We also plan to increase our portfolio. In addition to the multi-device titles for PES and Yu-Gi-Oh, we plan to work on projects with other globally known IPs in the near future.

It is a part of our legacy to create new ideas and IPs to fit each age, and we believe that spirit is one of the reasons for our strength in the mobile game market. We can provide high-quality mobile games because of our technology to create high-end console games, as well as having knowledge to operate games because of our experience in arcade, PC and browser games. Our extensive experience in creating games for many devices is a strength we have at Konami like no other.

Beyond Metal Gear, two Konami IPs stand out as something that fans would love to see revived: Castlevania and Silent Hill. Let's hope one of these is getting triple-A funding for a new installment.

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