Shot on iPhone 12 is An Impressive Look at Apple’s Powerful Cameras

Furqan Shahid
Shot on iPhone 12 is An Impressive Look at Apple's Powerful Cameras

The iPhone 12 is one of the smartphone industry's crown jewels as it happens to be one of the best phones in almost every way. If you are a fan of the Apple eco-system or even someone looking to try something different, putting your money on any of the iPhone 12 is the right thing to do.

Apple has always taken pride in how the cameras on their iPhones are excellent, and this statement is backed by the users as well. Being a photographer, I love how the cameras on iPhones are made for doing pretty much everything. While I am not saying the same results cannot be achieved on Android, you will have to spend the same amount of money you would go on an Apple to achieve that, meaning that you would need to invest in a flagship device.

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Apple Shares Some of the Best Pictures Taken Using an iPhone 12, and the Results are Stunning.

Apple shared several photos taken using iPhone 12; these photos range from portraits to landscapes, night skies, and cityscapes, and to be honest, the results are awe-inspiring. You can take a look at the pictures below.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12
iPhone 12

As you can see, the pictures are stunning, while some of them make you start questioning your photography skills. Granted, phone cameras are still way behind compared to mirrorless or DSLR cameras due to the sensor's obvious size. Still, considering how the hardware and software on iPhone 12 series are excellent, these pictures come out impressive and can easily tricky anyone.

You can head over here and look at these pictures in full resolution if you wish to. Overall, Apple has done an excellent job with how the cameras on the iPhone 12 work, and we doubt there is anything at the moment that comes close to what these iPhones are capable of.

Of course, as the technology gets better, we will see even better cameras in the future.

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