Apple’s Future Devices To Possess One Camera Sensor And Multiple Camera Lenses


While releasing large screen iPhones ended up being a huge game changer for Cupertino tech giant, Apple, the company is now going to improve its future mobile devices’ image capturing prowess by incorporating a single camera sensor that is going to be surrounded by multiple camera lenses. According to the information present in the latest patent filed by the company, the company is on to something big concerning the cameras of its future iOS devices.

Apple Camera Sensor Will Be Used By Both The Front And Rear Camera

In the abstract of the patent, it states that:

“Systems and methods for capturing images are disclosed. An image capture device includes two or more apertures for directing light to an image sensor device. In some embodiments, each of the apertures admits light from a different direction relative to the image sensor device. Some embodiments include one or more electrically switchable mirror elements configured for directing light from at least one of the one or more apertures to the image sensor. Upon application of a first signal, a first electrically switchable mirror element enters a reflective mode for reflecting light from a first aperture of the one or more apertures to the image sensor device. Upon application of a second signal, the first electrically switchable mirror element enters a transmissive mode for transmitting light from a second aperture of the one or more apertures to the image sensor device.”

If both the front and rear cameras end up utilizing the same camera sensor, then it will most likely allow Apple to further reduce the thickness of its upcoming iOS devices, which mind you, is not necessarily a good thing, seeing as how less amount of space could result in a smaller battery pack, coupled with less amounts of heat dissipating from the chassis. However, if Apple does decide take this approach and incorporate it in to its upcoming products, then we might very well be seeing the end of protruding camera lenses.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has camera lenses that were protruding outwards of the chassis thanks to their reduced thickness. Earlier on, Apple had successfully filed for another patent that will allow its future handsets to get improved zoom functionality coupled with an improved OIS chip. Apart from being able to exude tremendous amount of speed from future iOS devices, we can safely bet that if consumers have gotten used to using their smartphones as substitutes for DSLR cameras, then iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the rumored iPhone 6C are the devices that should be waiting for.