Shenmue III New Work-In-Progress Screenshots Showcase Environments


It's been some time since we last heard of Shenmue III, the new entry of the series created by Yu Suzuki now in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. Back in January, a new work-in-progress screenshot has been shared online, and today a few other screenshots have been made available.

Shenmue III

The new Shenmue III screenshots, which have been shared by the official PlayStation Twitter profile, showcase some of the game's environments. You can check out how colorful Shenmue III's environments look right below.

The new  batch of work-in-progress screenshots isn't the only Shenmue III material that has surfaced online. Today, Ys Net has shown more of the game during the Monaco Anime Games International Conference such as videos showcasing weather effects, a fishing spot and one of the game's main themes have been shown during the events.

Yu Suzuki himself was also present during the event, and he shared more on what he would like to include in the game. Mr. Suzuki confirmed that main character Ryo won't look all that differently from past entries of the series, as his face won't change in the new game. Mr. Suzuki also stated that he likes Chai and wants to bring him back as a character in Shenmue and that he wants more strategy and interaction in the game's battles.

Around one month ago, Yu Suzuki shared more on his feelings about developing a new entry of the Shenmue series. After receiving a Guinness certificate for the impressive Shenmue III crowdfunding record, Mr. Suzuki stated that he feels like the Shenmue III development is a heavy responsibility, with development itself getting supported by fans.

Shenmue III is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. A final release date for both formats has yet to be confirmed.