Shenmue 3 Development Is A “Heavy Responsibility”, Creator Loves “Challenging Creation”


Shenmue 3 is definitely one of the more anticipated games launching in the future, and expectations are incredibly high. Not surprising, considering how long fans of the series have had to wait just to know that the series wasn't completely dead. Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki knows this quite well and has recently shared more on his feelings recently.

A few days ago Yu Suzuki has been presented with Guinness certificates for the impressive Shenmue 3 crowdfunding record. The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter campaign managed to gather $1 million in just 1 hour and 44 minutes, smashing the previous record held by the platform game Yooka-Laylee. With such high expectations, Yu Suzuki feels like the Shenmue 3 development is a heavy responsibility, especially with the game now being literally supported by fans.

Mr. Suzuki has also shared more on his development vision. The Shenmue creator stated that he doesn't like to be beaten by others, always preferring to find an original way and an individual creation, as it draws more attention. These statements aren't surprising at all, considering how ahead of the times was the original Shenmue back in 1999.

“I don’t like to be beaten by others”, he explained, “It is better for me to find an original way and an individual creation [because this] draws more attention ... I love challenging creation”

A couple of weeks ago the Shenmue 3 Official Website has received a brand new design, with Yu Suzukisharing more on the plans for 2016.

Thanks to Shenmue fans everywhere, 2015 saw the start of Shenmue III. 2016 will be a year with noses to the grindstone to make the next installment of Shenmue worthy of the expectations you have entrusted with us. We would like to again ask you for your support and cooperation for all that lay ahead this year.

Shenmue 3 is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. A final release date for both formats has yet to be confirmed.