Sharkoon Announces the ELITE SHARK CA300H PC Case

Evan Federowicz
Source: Sharkoon

Sharkoon has released the ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case, and this case offers a unique front panel and two tempered glass side panels, which allows users to show off their internal components. This case offers unique front IO ports, and these ports included a USB Type-C port; two USB 3.0 ports offer RGB lighting. The ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case is currently available at the manufacturer's suggested price of €154.90 or $185.16.

The ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case is currently available for €154.90 or $185.16, with a color scheme of either black or white

The ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case offers a unique design, while the case also offers a high level of sturdiness. The Frame of this case is made from polished aluminum, while the top panel of this case is made of metal to ensure high stability while both side panels are created using tempered glass. These tempered glass side panels allow users to easily and efficiently see the internal components.

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The front panel of the ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case features an ornate geometrical pattern that is accented by the RGB lighting provided by the included three 120 mm fans. This RGB lighting also accents the included front IO ports. If your PC uses a custom water cooling loop, this case also offers a Water cooling pump holder and an easy cable management system.

This case comes with four total fans, three of these fans are mounted to the front panel of the case to act as an air intake for the components, and a single fan is mounted to the rear panel to exhaust the hot air.

This case features a larger size which allows for larger PC components to be easily installed. This case can accommodate up to an E-ATX motherboard, and a graphics card can feature a length of up to 425 mm, a power supply with a maximum length of 240 mm, and a CPU cooler that features a height of 165 mm. For storage, this case can support either seven 2.5" SSDs or four 3.5" hard drives, allowing larger Steam game libraries to be easily stored locally.

The ELITE SHARK CA300H PC case is currently available at the suggested retail price of $185.16 or €154.90. This case comes in either a black color scheme or a white color scheme.

For more information on this unique PC case, take a look at the product page.

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