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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has ‘Many More’ Locations Than Just Mexico; Jungles Have Multiple Layers


Shadow of the Tomb Raider was revealed last week at a press event, where our Christian played a demo build of the game set in Mexico.

However, in a video interview posted by GameReactor, Eidos Montréal developers Arne Oehme (Level Design Director) and Vincent Monnier (Gameplay Director) revealed that there will be many more locations in the game than just that one.

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Arne Oehme: We have many varied locations. One location you'll see is Mexico, but there are many more that you will discover and as usual in our games, we use layers of history. We have multiple historical layers in our content in which Lara will discover hints and puzzle pieces that will assemble through storylines.

Vincent Monnier: You're going to explore one of the last unexplored areas on Earth. Those are the caves, the underwater caves specifically in South America.

A common environment type throughout Shadow of the Tomb Raider's locations will be the jungle. According to the developers, jungles will have multiple layers of navigation empowering Lara to carve her own paths.

Arne Oehme: The jungle is an advantage but also a challenge. It needs to be very organic. But it's a beautiful challenge because it encompasses so much richness in terms of its duality of life and death, its beauty and also its many, many opportunities and the many layers of navigation it has. It's disorienting, it can be confusing. It was a challenge for us to build a world that feels like a jungle in which you feel lost but are not lost.

Vincent Monnier: We're very proud of our jungle. At the beginning, it was very challenging when Dan started with this idea. It's really about feeling completely lost in the jungle but at the same time, being completely in control, being able to see your path and your enemies, actually mastering the jungle and making it your ally.

Arne Oehme: This goes with our philosophy of being one with the jungle. You'll experience many more options to hide, to escape, to pick your path. Players are going to have a lot more choice on how they approach the content.

Vincent Monnier: Yeah, you'll see that we have approached combat in a way where you can actually choose your own way of fighting. Using the jungle is key and manipulating your enemies is part of it.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to release on September 14th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The gameplay will be revealed somewhere at E3 in the first half of June.