Tomb Raider Series’ Next Entry in Development at Crystal Dynamics Using Unreal Engine 5

Nathan Birch
Shadow of the Tomb Raider

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Lara Croft, with 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider being the last entry in her series, but obviously, the franchise was going to return one way or another. Well, today during Epic Games’ State of Unreal Keynote livestream, it was officially announced that the next entry in the Tomb Raider series is in the works and is being developed using Unreal Engine 5. Not a lot of specific information was shared, but here’s what Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider general manager had to say about the new UE5-powered project…

Crystal Dynamics is proud to be a part of the launch of Unreal Engine 5. This new engine translates into next-level storytelling and gameplay experiences. And that's why we are thrilled to announce that we have just started developer of our next Tomb Raider game, powered by Unreal Engine 5. Our goal is to push the envelope of fidelity and to deliver the high-quality cinematic action-adventure experience that fans deserve from both Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider franchise. We can't wait to take this journey together. Thank you, and congratulations again to the Epic Games team.

I always thought the character from Epic’s first Unreal Engine 5 demo looked a bit like Lara Croft, and perhaps Crystal Dynamics noticed it too! It’s interesting to hear that Crystal Dynamics is tackling a new Tomb Raider, as they’re also doing the heavy lifting on another big adventure with a British female protagonist – Perfect Dark. Will Crystal Dynamics have the capacity to handle both games? Let’s hope so. At the very least, fans should be happy that the studio is fully embracing their story-driven action-adventure roots again after their misadventure with Marvel’s Avengers.

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Unreal Engine 5 is now available to all developers. You can get details on the release and its new Lyra demo game, right here.

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