Selling Your Mac? Do This First Before Handing it Over


If you have decided to sell your Mac to someone, then here is a small list of things you should do before handing it over.

Backup and Wipe Your Data Securely, Install a Fresh Copy of macOS & Remove Your Mac from iCloud

Selling anything online or locally is easy. But doing it the right way, ensuring everything is safe and secure, might need some legwork. See, when you are selling a computer, there's a risk that your data might fall into the wrong hands even if you install a fresh copy of the OS on it. But, since you are reading this, and sit on the Mac side of the fence, follow the steps outlined below before selling your computer to someone else.

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Backup Your Data

This might take a while if you have a lot of files on your Mac, but it's worth the effort. Make sure you backup everything onto an external storage medium or iCloud. Using the former is more efficient since it's more quicker. If you have a Time Machine setup at home, then you can utilize that as well. Last but not the least, make sure you check out the Photos app to backup your snaps and videos.

Wipe Your Mac's Storage Securely & Then Install a Fresh Copy of macOS

This is absolutely important since you data can be recovered using third-party tools later on. So, before you install a fresh copy of macOS onto your Mac, wipe its drive absolutely clean. First and foremost, decide how you are going to install a fresh copy of macOS on your Mac. You can either do it using a USB, or if you have a fast enough Internet connection, an over the air option is available as well. Follow the guides below which cover both in detail.

Once you have decided which route you are going to take, as soon as you see the page outlined below, follow the steps as they are outlined before clicking on the Install macOS option.

1. Click on Disk Utility.

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2. Select Your Mac's storage drive from the left hand corner.

3. Now click on Erase at the top.

4. See that Security Options box? Click on it.

5. Drag the slider towards the More Secure end then click on OK. Then select Erase.

The last step is going to take quite a while. Maybe up to a couple of hours. But in the end, your data traces will be long gone, and nothing can be recovered regardless of what tool is used.

If you wish to repeat the process with a USB flash drive from within macOS, then follow the guide posted below here: How to Securely Erase a Drive and Make Data Unrecoverable in macOS.

Once the erase process is complete, just install macOS on your Mac and you are one step closer to selling your computer to someone.

Remove Your Mac from iCloud

Since you are giving your Mac away, therefore it's unnecessary to have it tied with your iCloud account. Follow the steps below on how to remove it.

1. Open your Web browser and go to:

2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

3. Once signed in, click on Settings.

4. Under the My Devices section, find your Mac. Click on it, then click on the little 'X' icon next to it in order to delete it from iCloud.

Clean it & Pack it Up

That's it. You're ready to hand over your Mac and compete your deal. Make sure you clean your Mac using a mildly damp microfiber cloth for maximum effect.