Second Extinction Launches Out of Early Access in Late October

Second Extinction

Yesterday, Systemic Reaction announced that the cooperative dinosaur shooter Second Extinction will launch out of early access on October 20th for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

The developers also shared the main improvements that players can expect to find in the full version of Second Extinction.

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  • New map and biome, effectively doubling the game area, allowing players to explore a new, savanna-based environment with new narrative missions and activities.
  • Two totally new dinosaurs, including a new flying species, plus two new mutations to the existing roster of reptilian threats.
  • Revamped progression system, increasing the level cap from 50 to 99, with an expanded difficulty spectrum.
  • Refined weapon upgrade system, allowing players to upgrade the power of their weapons, unlock perks to change their behavior, and upgrade support equipment for more customization options than ever before.
  • Free roaming and hot joining, letting players start new missions directly from the map without having to leave the session, as well as join active games. Players can also bank resources and change loadouts by visiting bunkers scattered across the world.
  • A host of other improvements including a revamped War Effort metagame, revised contract system, new cosmetic rewards, enhanced UI, UX and onboarding, and more!

Second Extinction originally debuted on Steam Early Access in October 2020. Later, it dropped on Game Pass for both PC and consoles (via Xbox Game Preview).

In other Systemic Reaction news, the Swedish studio recently announced Ravenbound, an open world roguelite game, as their next project.

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