Sea of Thieves Becomes Microsoft’s Most Successful New IP This Gen With Over 2 Million Players


Rare’s Sea of Thieves has become Microsoft’s most successful and fastest-selling new first-party IP of this generation.

One week after its launch, the Sea of Thieves community has grown to 2 million players. More than 1 million players played the game on its launch day last week. In addition, the game has become the best-selling selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10.

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“Since launching on March 20, we have seen an incredible number of people from around the globe playing and enjoying the game, which has led to some humbling early momentum”, Rare’s studio head, Craig Duncan wrote on the Xbox Wire. We have watched amazing stories unfold with a number of players working towards becoming our first Pirate Legends.

Other interesting tidbit from Duncan’s post is that more than 100.000 players have streamed Sea of Thieves since its launch, and that more than 500.000 new Xbox Live friendships have been forged to date.

Microsoft's head of Xbox marketing, Aaron Greenberg, thanked the community for the amazing launch of Sea of Thieves.

Impressive numbers for Rare’s latest title, and well deserved.

Sea of Thieves is available now for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. A new game update was released yesterday.