Sea of Thieves Beta Client Update Includes Various New Animations, Clothing Styles, Cursed Clouds & More; Beta Stats Shared

Sea of Thieves patch 1.03

Rare has released a new update for the Sea of Thieves beta client, and its datamined contents include some interesting new additions.

The contents of the new update were scanned by an eagle-eyed Reddit user, and compared to the previous version of the game's closed beta client. We've included his findings below:

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  • All merchants now feature a talk animation
  • Lots of female-exclusive animations added
  • More animations for chicken, snake and pig (run forward scared, turn, startle, hunger)
  • Beards, belts, dresses, eyepatches, gloves, hooks, hair and boots in wardrobe and added to shops
  • New clothing styles: Kraken, Ferryman, Blackdog, Sovereign and Bilgerat (all include most of the above-mentioned new clothing items)
  • A separate weapon-shopkeeper
  • Admiral and Bilgerat-themed weapon skins for blunderbuss, cutlass and flintlock (available in the new weapon shop)
  • New kraken animations (IdleToDefeated, HoldingToDefeated etc.) and particles (roar mouth, underwater powerslam)
  • Fort-chests
  • A new location called "Legendary_Hideout"
  • Lots of new npc_ghost_crew character variants
  • New variants of the shipwright added
  • Curse (skull) cloud above certain islands (that you can see in some of the trailers)
  • Different forms of skellies: Bone, metal, plant and shadow. Each form has their own death particles and sounds.
  • New kraken figurehead (possibly just a rename)
  • Added a mirror to Captains' Cabin
  • Kraken-themed music as well as sound effects for hitting the kraken with a cannon (just like when hitting player ships)
  • Individual kraken tentacles can die
  • Gold hoarders NPC voice lines: "Welcome", "Goodbye" and one called bridge. (other merchants' voice lines are not yet included in the game)

In other closed beta related news: it appears that someone who visited the headquarters of Rare made a photo of the closed beta’s current statistics, which mentions that the beta has a total of 314.000 players.

In addition, the Sea of Thieves Closed beta is the #1 game viewed on Twitch and Mixer, and its has had 269.000 concurrent views on Twitch. In total, players have already spent more than 2 million hours in game.

Interesting stats from Rare’s upcoming Sea of Thieves, which will be released on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC next month. As announced earlier, the title will be made available through Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, and as a Play Anywhere title, those who obtain the game on Xbox through the Game Pass, will also be able to play the game on PC.

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