Xbox Scorpio Reveal Will Have Huge, Positive Surprises but No Price Tag

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On April 1st, we reported Jez Corden's rumor that Microsoft's Project Scorpio, also known as the enhanced Xbox One scheduled to launch in late 2017, would be revealed before next Saturday.

It turns out that he was right, as earlier today Eurogamer's Digital Foundry confirmed that they'll have an exclusive reveal on Thursday 6th at 2PM UK time.

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Since his rumor turned out to be true, he received more questions on what might actually be revealed and promptly answered. Don't expect to hear about the Scorpio's price tag, for instance, but according to him Xbox fans can expect "huge, positive surprises".

Project Scorpio was originally announced at Microsoft's E3 2016 keynote as the most powerful console ever. While PlayStation 4 Pro's computing power is measured at 4.2 teraflops, Microsoft is targeting 6 teraflops for Scorpio to deliver "true 4K gaming". We also know that it will have eight CPU cores (though we don't know if the processor will still be based on Jaguar architecture like PS4 Pro or perhaps a newer one) and 320GB/s of memory bandwidth, over 100GB/s more than the PS4 Pro.

Earlier this year, Digital Foundry claimed to have read a document meant for developers which mentioned that Scorpio won't have any ESRAM module (unlike Xbox One). It also suggested that the enhanced hardware will feature 4X L2 cache and delta color compression (DCC) to reduce the amount of GPU bandwidth consumed to render color pixels.

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Are you excited about this reveal, even though it sounds like it will be focused only on the system specifications? Tell us in the comments.

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