Updated Xbox One X Game Packaging Surfaces With ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ Inscriptions


Microsoft has updated its game packaging with the Xbox One X inscriptions in anticipation of the upcoming Xbox One X release this November.

As spotted by Jaromír Miko from Slovakian gaming site Xboxer.sk, WRC 7 is among the first titles to receive the Xbox One X inscriptions. "Starting this Fall, we’ll be introducing new packaging that specifically calls out what your soon-to-be favorite games support and how they support it" Microsoft wrote back in June of this year. "Displayed clearly in the upper right corner will be icons that call out what a game supports on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10.

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The One X logo appears on both the front and back of the boxart, and it appears that Microsoft has now placed all the relevant system information in a left sidebar on the back of the packaging.

More titles containing the updated packaging will be released shortly. The Xbox One X is slated for a global release on November 7th. Games supporting the enhanced Xbox One console will carry Microsoft's new packaging icons, including the "Xbox One X enhanced", "4K Ultra HD", and "HDR" logos. Down below you'll find Microsoft's description for the Xbox One X enhanced logo:

If a game has the Xbox One X Enhanced logo, this means developers have done some work to improve an existing title or implemented the most recent developer tools to fully take advantage of Xbox One X’s power. Overall, games will play better on Xbox One X. Even if it isn’t enhanced, the Xbox One X Enhanced logo will help consumers identify games that are making the most of its hardware.

The Xbox One X is slated for a global release on November 7th for $ 499 USD. Pre-orders for the Limited Day-One 'Project Scorpio' Edition went live last month, and sold out almost instantly, accorcding to Microsoft.

Thanks to Jaromír Miko for the heads up.