T.J. Wagner: Xbox One X Launch Won’t Even Scratch the Surface of the Eventual Extra Possibilities

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Xbox One

The Xbox One X will have a large impact on the gaming industry and offer a wide range of extra possibilities.

At least, that’s what T.J. Wagner, creative director and executive producer for World Of Tanks on consoles, said in the November 2017 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine UK (issue # 156).

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As covered earlier, World of Tanks will be receiving an Xbox One X upgrade allowing the game to run in native 4K with HDR support, high-resolution shadow maps, faster loading times, and more. Like all other Xbox One X enhanced titles, the game will look great on Microsoft’s enhanced console without a doubt, but aside from great looking games, the console is going to offer far more to the industry. Down below you’ll read what Wagner said when asked about the potential impact of the console on the gaming industry as a whole.

I was actually at Microsoft for the first Xbox. I’m glad to see that they’re innovating within the same generation, first with the Xbox one S and now with the Xbox One X. They’re not waiting forever to upgrade the console, or upgrade too soon with a whole new platform so you have to start again with your development tools and engine. So I’m really excited that there are different levels of the Xbox for the different types of consumers. Ss a very early adopter of 4K HDR TVs, I’m starved for content that takes full advantage of the hardware I bought. I think there are a lot of people out there that are like that, especially gamers, so having a platform come out that supports true 4K, perhaps helps you justify your purchase to your significant other [laughs]. And it allows you to do greater things with games, too. I think the launch is going to look beautiful, and not even scratch the surface of the possibilities of the extras you’re going to eventually be able to do with, say, VR or AR on that particular platform.

Do you agree with Wagner on this matter? Will Microsoft’s upcoming console refreshment have a large impact on the industry? Hit the comments below.

The Xbox One X is slated for a worldwide release on November 7 for $499.99. Pre-orders for the console’s standard edition went live last week.

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