Scavengers Gets New Gameplay Footage, Adds Console Ports

Alessio Palumbo

It had been a long time since we heard about Scavengers, the free-to-play PvPvE shooter in development at Midwinter Entertainment (now owned by Improbable).

At last, the game got a brand new official site as well as a gameplay trailer that shows the improvements made during development. Additionally, Scavengers is about to enter a new playtest phase which will lead to a Closed Beta before the end of the year and an early access debut in the first half of 2021.

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The Alpha playtest phase isn’t a polished beta - you can expect to see bugs, varied performance, and balance issues. However, by participating you get to be one of the first Explorers to venture into the frozen wasteland of Scavengers, and join the development team in this crucial step in the game’s development.

How can I join a Playtest?

Our playtests take place on Steam.

You can get a steam code by submitting your email address on our homepage here or using the sign up button at the top of this page. Once you’ve done that, we’ll email you back with a Steam code.

If you’ve already signed up and have a steam code, you can access it through the Steam app.

When is the next Playtest?

A Technical Playtest weekend is scheduled for September 18-20. It will be running from 18.00 PT on September 18 through to 20.00 PT on September 20.

Will the progress I make in the Playtests be carried over to the final game?

Player progress and any character unlocks made during the playtests will not transfer over in the final game release.

We’re still tweaking and refining Scavengers and we’re looking for your feedback and input during the playtests to help with technical developments and improvements that you’ll see reflected in the final game.

When will Scavengers be out of Alpha?

We’ll be going into Closed Alpha and Beta later this year.

Lastly, Midwinter Entertainment confirmed that Scavengers will eventually launch on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), albeit at a later date than PC.

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