First Ever Google Glass Enterprise Edition Gets Revealed in Latest Unboxing Video

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition Smiles for the Camera in First Ever Unboxing

Leaks surrounding the Google Glass Enterprise Edition occasionally flowed through but in between it stopped, leaving us to believe that the wearable’s actual physical form might not come to light, but we were clearly mistaken. The latest unboxing video of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is here and it highlights all the improvements missing from the predecessor.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition Just Says ‘Glass’ on Packaging - Comes With Minor Improvements in the Specifications Department

According to the unboxing video uploaded by 9to5Google, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition just says ‘Glass’ on the packaging of the wearable for those interested, it comes with a model number of ‘GG1’ and has an FCC ID of ‘A4R-GG1’.

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The contents of the box include a the wearable unit itself, followed by a tiny little instruction booklet that shows you around the device, and the charging cable. According to the unboxing video, the charging cable is made of highly quality materials and also features braiding to prevent wear and tear that would otherwise have exposed the copper wires. This version of Google Glass does not take advantage of USB-C, but USB-A instead.

Improvements such as higher build quality were identified when comparing it to the original version of Google Glass, followed by an audible speaker, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi capability. There is also an LED present at the front, most likely to let the user know that the camera is capturing images. It also sports an Intel Atom processor coupled with 32GB of internal storage and a 780mAh battery.

However, the software section appears to be exactly the same. The system settings let you see battery status, Bluetooth status, Wi-Fi network availability, and other options the same way it was present in its predecessor, meaning that Google did not bother to polish the software and attempt to bring cosmetic changes to it.

There is no telling if the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is going to be mass produced but looking at the colossal failure of its predecessor, the tech giant might not bring about a resurrection.

News Source: 9to5Google

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