Check Out Best iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tweaks That You Can Now Install


As most of you know the much awaited evasi0n untethered jailbreak was released a couple of hours ago, there is no doubt that millions of iPhone users around the world are jailbreaking their devices right now. One of the prime reasons for jailbreaking a device is to open up various customization options that are otherwise not allowed by Apple. So here are the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks that you can install right now on your device.

Best iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tweaks

Before you install any one of these best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks, you obviously have to jailbreak your iPhone 5. This can now be done easily using evasi0n. Check out our guide here, it contains easy steps which will teach you how to jailbreak iPhone 5 untethered on a Windows or Mac computer.

Best iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tweaks:


The notification center in iOS is limited to the things Apple allows it to show. IntelliScreenX lifts that restriction and greatly improves the entire notification center experience. It is one of the most useful tweaks you can have on your iPhone. IntelliScreenX incorporates RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook, Quick Reply and better Mail support in the notification center.


Many people are irked by the fact that they can not change the default theme on iOS devices. Well it can be done, provided the device is jailbroken. WinterBoard is definitely one of the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks, and the fact that it was created by the creator of Cydia Mr. Jay Freeman, makes it a must have on your device. It allows you to theme yourself or install any of the plethora of themes you can easily find on Cydia.


This is my personal favorite. You can't have a jailbroken device and have SBSettings. Its a one stop place for all essential functions including but limited to powering the device off, restarting, re-springing, initiating safe or airplane mode as well as toggling data services such as 3G and Wi-Fi. It also provides an easy way to adjust the brightness of the display. Many features can be controlled through SBSettings, and like I said, its definitely a must have.


This one is for those addicted to text messaging. While the stock texting interface is no slouch on iOS, the BiteSMS supercharges the entire texting experience. It comes with custom themes which are actually quite nice. Other options include timed messages and quick compose feature among many others.

Dashboard X:

One of the main differences between Android and iOS is that the latter does not allow widgets on the Home screen. Dashboard X jailbreak tweak changes that. It comes with a host of widgets all of which can be arranged on the Home screen of the jailbroken iOS device.

Springtomize 2:

This is one of the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks for modifying any element of your device. Using Springtomize 2 you have access to a host of customization and modification options. The functionality this tweak offers is unparalleled.


We've never liked the fact that it is nearly impossible to share any content between iOS and other devices. AirBlue tweak changes that. It opens up Bluetooth sharing feature of your iOS device, though if you want more transfer speed, ensure that both of the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then sharing will take place between those two devices and it will be a lot faster.


BlackBerry just released their latest device and operating system. The keyboard they have developed is one of the best to have ever been made. If you like that keyboard and want it on your iOS device, get the Octopus jailbreak tweak. Though you might want to consider getting one of those new BlackBerrys!

These are some of the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks for now. They work with other iOS devices as well, such as iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5G. All of these tweaks are available on Cydia