Samsung Releases Its Powerful 128GB PRO Plus MicroSD Card – Now Supercharge Your MicroSD Storage


After the release of the company’s EVO Plus storage card lineup, Samsung has released an even faster variant called PRO Plus, with the highest capacity available to purchase being 128GB. Let us take a look at the new upgrades that we will get to witness after you purchase one of these MicroSD storage cards.


Samsung’s 128GB PRO Plus Are Lightning Fast But They Will Cost You Quite A Bit – Cheaper Storage Models Are Also Available

It is understandable why Samsung chose to limit the overall storage of its PRO Plus lineup. While Microdia released a 512GB storage card some time ago, we can be certain that it will not be able to provide the same read and write speeds as the 128GB PRO Plus storage. In fact, the new lineup exceeds the capabilities of the tech giant’s EVO Plus lineup by a long margin, as you will be able to see in the speed comparisons below:

  • 128GB EVO Plus: 80MB/s sequential read and 20MB/s sequential write
  • 128GB PRO Plus: 95MB/s sequential read and 90MB/s sequential write

The sequential write speeds of the 128GB PRO Plus version is more than four times the speed of its predecessor, which clearly means that you will easily be able to notice the speed difference when you are snapping photos excessively and saving a lot of content on your storage card. Additionally, Samsung has stated that its 128GB PRO Plus storage card also comes with various protections, and they have been listed below:

  • Waterproof (IEC 60529, IPX7)
  • Temperature proof
  • X-ray proof
  • Magnetic proof


Now for the pricing; the 128GB storage card model comes for a price of $199.99. While this will definitely be too steep for a ton of consumers out there, the company has released two other storage models, and their pricing details have been listed below:

  • 32GB: $19.99
  • 64GB: $37.99

Samsung Releasing Its 128GB PRO Plus Could Mean That Galaxy S7 Will Come With An SD Card Slot After All

After Samsung’s current generation flagship smartphones came without a MicroSD slot, it bitterly disappointing millions of the company’s loyal consumer base, but now, it looks like the South Korean firm has realized the severity of its mistake and plans on release its Galaxy S7 with an expandable storage feature. The reason why we believe this is so is because otherwise the company would not have wasted valuable resources in releasing its 128GB PRO Plus storage and when you happen to be recording the taxing 4K footage from a smartphone, it will definitely put a lot of stress of your storage, unless you have a faster one incorporated inside it.


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