Samsung Launches New Gear VR With Oculus Motion Controller At MWC 2017


Samsung announced a refreshed Gear VR headset at the MWC 2017 in Barcelona. Even though the VR headset looks almost identical to the Gear VR 2016 model but there is a new addition to the package - a controller. Now, with the inclusion of a controller, the VR headset attains a new level of immersive motion-controlled experience. To emphasize the new addition, Samsung has named the new VR Headset as the Gear VR with Controller.

The Controller on the Gear VR is a nifty addition for sure as it enables users to point, shoot, drag and drop objects in the virtual ecosystem. Not just that, users would no longer need to touch the headset for controlling volume or other tasks, everything could be controlled right from the controller in their hand.

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At the event, Samsung also revealed that more than 70 apps are under development for the new Gear VR. The controller uses motion sensors to offer better VR experience and it also has a touch pad and trigger input for enhanced control. Home Button, Volume Buttons, and Back Buttons are also integrated in the contollers for quick access. It is also compatible with all the existing Gear VR apps.

Notably, the controller on the new Gear VR has stark similarities with the one that comes with Google's Daydream VR. We think that with the inclusion of a controller, the Gear VR will now look like a more attractive prospect for the developers as they can create apps with support for motion sensors.

In its blog post, Oculus wrote:

The Gear VR Controller adds a deeper level of immersion by giving you the power to interact with the virtual environment in an intuitive way. The controller’s touchpad has been tuned to make it easy to navigate to your favorite videos and perform a number of actions within a game, while the trigger lets you select, grab, take aim, and fire. Ergonomically designed for use with a single hand, the controller also has integrated home, volume, and back buttons, so you can easily move through a variety of content without breaking immersion.

The Gear VR with Controller also supports the devices that the 2016 variant did - the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. The controller is powered by AAA batteries and it can run for 40 days with a 2 hours per day usage on one set of batteries. For the old Gear VR Headset owners, you can easily add the new controller to your VR package without any problem. You can buy the controller separately as well.