Galaxy S21 Ultra Reportedly Being Tested in Three Screen Sizes – Samsung Exceeding the 7-inch Display Barrier


Samsung is said to be testing three display sizes for the upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra. This model will most likely succeed the gargantuan-sized Galaxy S20 Ultra, which features a 6.9-inch display. A tipster has now highlighted that one of the display models being tested exceeds the 7-inch measurement meaning that if something like this actually materializes, we’ll have a proper tablet that also serves as a smartphone.

New Rumor Claims the 7.076-inch Display Size Is the ‘Middle Ground’ in Samsung’s Opinion

A tweet from MauriQHD notes that though Samsung’s decision regarding the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display size is not yet ‘set in stone’, there are three variations the South Korean could choose from. The details are provided below.

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  • First display size - Measures in at 6.911 inches, is the smallest version, with the tipster saying ‘they are liking so far’
  • Second display size - 7.076 inches and Samsung has a ‘middle ground’ assessment on this one
  • Third display size - 7.095 inches, with the tipster claiming that this is the ‘risky’ variation

Samsung will most likely be using its own panels, and not sourcing them from BOE as the Chinese manufacturer reportedly failed the first quality test. Samsung will obviously want to maintain a low manufacturing cost as much as possible while providing a high-quality display for its Galaxy S21 Ultra, but our assumption is that this model will provide the best possible configuration for an Android flagship in 2021.

Even Ice Universe commented earlier that Samsung will be aiming to reduce the price of its Galaxy S21 range by sticking to an FHD+ resolution and limiting the refresh rate to 60Hz. He doesn’t believe these compromises will be present in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also means that future customers will have to spend a lot more money getting their hands on this version. It’s also rumored that this model will arrive with a 150MP camera sensor and Samsung may stick to an Exynos-only configuration for all Galaxy S21 models to further save on costs.

As for the potential display sizes for the Galaxy S21 Ultra are concerned, which one do you think will be ideal for the majority of users? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (MauriQHD)