Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Immortalized Through A GTA V Mod


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will no longer be produced, but the already legendary phablet has been immortalized in GTA V through a mod.

Samsung today decided to stop producing the Note 7 due to safety reasons, but the phablet can still be put to good use in the fictional state of San Andreas where explosives come in handy.

GTA V modder “HitmanNiko” decided to add Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in GTA V as a sticky explosive device. On the mod’s webpage, you’ll find several screenshots and videos from the mod in action. We’ve included one of those videos down below:

If you’re interested in trying out your luck with the Note 7 - the mod can be downloaded right here. Last week we already posted on this GTA V mod, but due to recent Samsung events, we wanted to give GTA V PC players the opportunity to 'stay with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7'.