Samsung DeX Could Be the Name of the Dock That Will Deliver Continuum-Like Features


In order for the Galaxy S8 to bring up Continuum-like features for the user like Microsoft has with its high-end Windows 10 Mobile-powered devices, the use of a dock will be required. While Samsung did work on a dock-like accessory for its Galaxy Note II, it looks like we finally know the name of the upcoming device that will help you to stretch your smartphone’s UI to an available display to take advantage of work or entertainment on a larger screen.

Samsung DeX Station Potential Name of the Upcoming Dock That Will Hook up to a Galaxy S8

An image given below shows the name of the potential dock accessory that Samsung is expected to ship with the Galaxy S8. Furthermore, the company has also provided a description of how this DeX dock is expected to function when used with the flagship and an available display.

Huawei MateStation Could Be a Docking Station for Future Phones, Might Work Similarly to Samsung DeX

“Application software, namely, for projecting the screen of mobile device to displays via computer peripheral devices and wireless networks; computer peripheral devices; computer software for wireless network communications; computer software, namely, for controlling user interface mode adaption; computer software for use in computer access control.”

We’re not sure what sort of charging port the Galaxy S8 family is going to use but seeing as how the Note7 came with a Type-C USB port to receive all that juice, the same port could be used with the upcoming flagship as well. In addition, we’re hoping to see a plethora of ports from the docking station itself, particular a Thunderbolt 3 if possible, because thanks to the versatile nature of that port, users will be able to take advantage of multiple uses.

One leaked video also showed that the Galaxy S8 features a cutout for what appears to be a stylus option. No doubt Samsung is intending its flagship to be catered for both office users and casual consumers and since the company’s high-end smartphone is going to be running on a popular OS, the Continuum-like feature could be used excessively. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know right away.