Samsung Worked on a Dock Station for a Previous Flagship Before – Bringing It for the Galaxy S8 Now


Rumor has it that the upcoming Galaxy S8 is going to come with its own Continuum feature, to allow employees and other users to transform the smartphone into a makeshift work environment and their personal entertainment escape. According to a different rumor, the smartphone is expected to come with its own dock-like accessory to help you hook up an available display to the handset to take advantage of this Continuum-like feature. However, this isn’t the first time that Samsung is aiming to transform its flagship into a work-computing product, as you’ll soon find out.

Samsung Introduced a Dock Accessory for Its Galaxy Note II That Was Sold Separately for Getting Hooked up to a Different Display

Though the dock accessory has been discontinued by the company, it shows that Samsung was willing to take a gamble even before the Continuum feature started to popularize in smartphones. The dock accessory that you can see in the images below were for the now-discontinued Galaxy Note II and through a MicroUSB port, you get access to a plethora of USB ports coupled with a single HDMI port.

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The HDMI port was what allowed users to use their existing Galaxy Note II to communicate with an available display that featured a vacant HDMI port to allow for seamless connectivity to that display and size up your entertainment or work-related space. The dock was also compatible with Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy Mega. Fast forward to 2017, we’re hoping that Samsung introduces such a dock once more but instead of a single HDMI port, we should see a plethora of ports, most importantly a Thunderbolt 3.

The versatility of Thunderbolt 3 will allow users to hook up another dock that comprises up of various different ports to allow for the ideal productivity connection to be made between a smartphone and an available display. What sort of features do you want to see from the upcoming accessory? Let us know your thoughts right away.