Samsung May Launch a DeX Accessory in the Future That Will Allow for Phones to Connect to External Displays Wirelessly


Samsung recently filed a patent with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for ‘DeX Live’ and while the technical details are sparse, the application does mention wireless networks so there is a good chance that the next generation of DeX will cut the cord entirely. In case you didn’t know, Samsung launched the DeX Pad and DeX Station in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launch to let users connect their smartphones to a monitor. Currently, an HDMI cable is required to establish a wired connection on the latest generation of DeX.

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In October 2018, it was being speculated that the new version of DeX will be wireless. However, at that time the company had no time frame for the launch of the device. Chances are that DeX Live will make a debut with the Galaxy Note 10 as the company usually introduces new iterations of its DeX accessory with its flagship phones. The last version was launched alongside the Note 9.

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The Galaxy Note series is usually aimed at users looking to increase their productivity so it makes sense to launch DeX around the same time as Note 10 as it can provide a powerful desktop-like experience. The upcoming phablet is also expected to feature ample RAM and storage, allowing users to fire up a multitude of apps to get work done faster.

Adding wireless support could help Samsung increase the adoption of DeX Live, as it would be much easier to set it up given that the company’s handset can already connect to a mouse a keyboard via Bluetooth. It remains to be seen which receiver the company will use to create the wireless connection. It might go for Miracast or Chromecast or may even come out with its own device.

DeX, which is short for Desktop eXperience, can extend the functionality of Samsung phones to give users a desktop-like experience by connecting a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Microsoft had also launched a similar device called Continuum but it tanked at the marked as the Windows Phone platform remained largely unpopular. DeX still needs time to evolve properly and if Samsung is willing to improve the experience for users, it should be successful in the long run.

News Source: EUIPO