Samsung Copied Apple’s Homework – Meet the Galaxy Tab S5e Android-Powered Tablet

Apple's latest iPad Pro was announced late last year and caught a lot of attention among users as well as reviewers. It is not one of the best, but the best tablets to own right now in terms of hardware, design, and performance. However, the competition must stay alive in order for the industry to move forward. Seemingly, Samsung has now officially unveiled its latest tablet that sort of mimics the intentions of the Cupertino-giant. That's right, meet the Galaxy Tab S5e - an iPad Pro ripoff powered by Android. Want more? Scroll down for further details.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S5e Is An iPad Pro Copycat: Features A Thin Profile, Snapdragon 670 And Huge Battery

We're no stranger to the iPad Pro and its capabilities, regardless of the size. It features great hardware, optimized software, and design - everything is balanced. As we have mentioned earlier, the competition must stay alive which is why Samsung followed Apple's footsteps, like it has been doing for the past couple of years. That's not a bad thing, per se, on Samsung's part, the iPad Pro indeed is a very capable tablet. However, Samsung calling its tablet innovation and a breakthrough might be a little too much.

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The uncanny resemblance to the iPad Pro is where it all comes to light. The Galaxy Tab S5e is a 10.5-inch tablet and boasts a $399 price tag much lower than that of the Galaxy Tab S4 which was launched last year alongside the Galaxy Note 9. It's the thinnest tablet on the market yet, coming in at just 5.5mm and weighing a mere 400 grams. This is no doubt an impressive mark achieved by Samsung. However, since the company followed the design from Apple's stylebook, it was bound to look good.

Speaking on the design a little more, the company has claimed that they have managed to stretch the display to all four sides of the device, allowing for an 81.8 percent screen to body ratio. While we're already used to the minimized bezels on the iPad Pro, it's definitely a step up from the company's previous generation tablets. Furthermore, the 10.5-inch display is 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED panel with an aspect ratio of 16:10. This narrows the display down to 287ppi.

As for performance, the Galaxy Tab S5e is powered by Snapdragon 670 chipset coupled with 4 or 6GB of RAM and 64 or 128GB of storage capacity. While the chipset is great and all, we all know very well that it will be no match for Apple's 7nm A12X Bionic chip. Nonetheless, the Snapdragon 670 will probably help with better battery life as the company touts a 14.5-hour mark, all thanks to the 7040mAh capacity.

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Furthermore, the quad AKG tuned speakers are a welcome addition on the device and will boost the overall audio experience. Again, copying Apple's approach. However, it lacks the S-Pen support, unlike the iPad Pro that features Apple Pencil support. Furthermore, the 13-megapixel camera at the back and 8-megapixel on the front are boosted to provide the best experience - at least from the company. It runs Android Pie out of the box with Samsung's OneUI on top, which to my view kills the whole stock experience.

As we have mentioned earlier, the pricing starts at just $399, which might be the only solid reason to get it apart from the minimized bezels. For what it seems, Samsung is trying hard to blend in and dying to stay in the competition with Apple. The innovation Samsung talks about is implemented on the iPad, a TrueDepth camera sensor for Face ID, for instance. It's a good tablet, but not on the same level as the iPad Pro. Moreover, it's just following the trend instead of creating it, which is where all the claims from the company should rest.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy Tab S5e is a pretty neat tablet and to my view, the $399 price mark will be a major factor in user's buying decision. It's the one to get if you're an Android user to the core.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Tab S5e? Is the design and features worth your cash? Let us know in the comments.

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