Rose Gold iPhone 6s Ships Out to a Lucky Customer Early – Benchmarks, 4K Video and More


Pre-ordered yourself an iPhone 6s and waiting for the delightful package to arrive? Well, at least one user has apparently been more lucky than the rest as she has already received an iPhone 6s and has benchmarked it too.

Rose Gold iPhone 6s surprises a user:

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are supposed to arrive to customers starting this Friday, however, one AT&T customer has received the surprise today all draped in the Rose Gold perfection. A Twitter user Adrienne Alpern (@MoonshineDesign) based in San Diego, California has been sharing the unboxing images, 4K videos, and much more of the shiny new iPhone 6s. The device as you can see in the images below has shipped in the same packaging as leaked before.

The most interesting, however, are the iPhone 6s benchmark scores as the user has already shared Geekbench results from the device. Confirming that iPhone 6s indeed sports 2GB of RAM, in the single-core Geekbench test, iPhone 6s has scored a whopping 2413, beating all the previous devices including the iPad Air 2. In the multi-core score, iPhone 6s has earned itself 4795.

iPhone 6s benchmarks

While all of this seems absolutely genuine, we will still take these as leaked scores. If correct, the latest A9 processor fitted inside the iPhone 6s indeed shows much improvement and almost similar scores as the entry-level 2015 MacBook. Following is the comparison with some other iOS devices, as shared by Adrienne:

If you have also pre-ordered iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you might be in for some surprise as well. However, with only three days to go to the scheduled delivery, there doesn't seem to be many chances of any more similar early surprises. You can try to have some taste of the latest gadget from the 4K video and images taken from the device which have shared by the user:

Ahead of the official release on Friday, Apple is sold out of all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units on Apple.com. You will have but to be a part of the long queues to get the new gadgets.