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Roccat Announces Release of Horde AIMO Mechbranical Gaming Keyboard


ROCCAT Studios added the Horde AIMO to the AIMO illumination series. Designed and engineered completely from scratch with a view to delivering a gaming-optimized keyboard that was more precise than the competition: The Horde AIMO features unique Membranical keys which combine the strengths of mechanical and the silent and softly padded feel of standard gaming keyboards. Roccat Says this is a better option that is the best of both worlds, though frankly it is cheaper to manufacture than full mechanical keys. The Horde AIMO also boasts quick-fire macro keys, a configurable Tuning Wheel plus multi-zone RGB illumination customizable in 16.8M colors, making it the most feature-rich rubber dome keyboard on the market.

Mechanical Or Membrane? Why Not Both with The Roccat Horde AIMO

Membranical is a hybrid of standard and mechanical keyboards. Its midway travel actuation point provides what Roccat calls the most precise and responsive key stroke ever, with a fast yet silent typing feel. The island layout resists dirt for refined, low-maintenance gaming which I personally can see the benefit of (Why is my keyboard always so dirty) and mid-height keys with a precision fingertip design vastly improve key distinction. The Horde AIMO reduces the input lag of each keystroke, giving the gamer noticeable edge over the competition.

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The fully programmable Tuning Wheel and corresponding multimedia keys are a welcome find although at this price point should be a given, they provide fast and simple control for illumination, brightness, dpi, volume and more. They can be completely customized to suit each gamer's specific needs. Rotating freely through 360° with precise, tactile steps, the Tuning Wheel provides on-the-fly command power with accuracy. The Tuning Wheel is also fully compatible with Windows 10 Dial functionality, making the Horde AIMO the first gaming keyboard with this feature.

Naturally, the Horde AIMO features AIMO, the all-new ROCCAT lighting system. It is the third product of this vibrant lighting series, after the Khan AIMO and the Kone AIMO and more are to be expected. Its functionality grows exponentially based on the number of AIMO-enabled devices connected, reacting intuitively and organically to user input. Eliminating the need for configuration, AIMO presents state-of-the-art lighting scenarios right out of the box, for a completely fluid, next-gen experience.

A column of five, low-profile macro keys skirt the Horde AIMO's main key zone, perfectly positioned on the left for rapid and intuitive execution. The distinctive lower height of the keys ensures there are no accidental miss-hits. At just 5.0ms, their actuation is lightning fast. The Horde AIMO island
keys offer up to a 44% faster response rate, securing the most precise trigger of every button.

The Horde AIMO is also fully compatible with ROCCAT's Swarm driver system. Its high level of flexibility allows the gamer to adjust all aspects to their individual preferences.

"With Horde AIMO we wanted to offer the fans of traditional keyboards the best choice in the market, there is no other option that feels as crisp and precise and offers this level of customization. The Horde AIMO is unique in its kind"

- René Korte, CEO of ROCCAT.

Available now in major retail channels the Horde AIMO has a suggested retail price of $99.99.