COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Advanced Review


NVIDIA iGame GeForce RTX 3080 Advanced Ray Tracing & RTX 4K

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, unlike its predecessor, does a good job putting DX12 to use and results in higher performance than the DX11 counterpart in this title, and because of that, we test this title in DX12.  I do use the second segment of the benchmark run to gather these numbers as it is more indicative of in-game scenarios where the foliage is heavy. SotTR features Ray Traced Shadows as well as DLSS and we used both in the benchmarks with the game set to the 'Highest' preset and RT Shadows at Ultra with DLSS enabled.

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Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is back and this time on a new engine running DX12 to allow for some sick DXR Ray Traced Shadows. We tested in the 'Fog of War' mission where we tested our RT performance run. At 4K we set the settings all to High with ray-traced shadows enabled.


Control is powered by Remedy's Northlight Storytelling Engine but severely pumped up to support multiple functions of ray-traced effects. We ran this through our test run in the cafeteria with all ray tracing functions on high and the game set to high. DLSS was enabled for this title in the quality setting.

Battlefield V

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Battlefield V was one of the earlier games in the RTX 20 Series lifecycles to receive a DXR update. Battlefield V was tested on the opening sequence of the Tirailleur war story as it's been consistently one of the more demanding scenes for ray-traced reflections that are featured in this game. DLSS was enabled for this game.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was the third entry into the Metro series and as Artym ventures away from the Metro he, and you, are able to explore the world with impressive RT Global Illumination. RTGI has proven to be quite an intense feature to run. Metro Exodus also supports DLSS so it was used in our testing. Advanced PhysX was left disabled, but Hairworks was left on.


Minecraft, yup Minecraft. When it comes to ray tracing Minecraft has it all. The Minecraft with RTX update has recently been updated to DXR1.1 so it gets the latest treatment in that regard. But, we're talking a fully path traced version of Minecraft here. We set up a run in the RTX world of Crystal Palace and set the Chunks to the maximum of 24, up from the default 8 in order to really turn the wrenches. DLSS was enabled for this game.

Quake 2 RTX

Quake II RTX is much like Minecraft with RTX in the sense that it is fully path-traced, so no rasterization here. This one however doesn't support DLSS so you're going to have to brute force it to acceptable framerates. Thankfully if these numbers don't do it for you then you can always adjust the resolution slider and enjoy a healthy performance boost.


Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space. It's not out yet so treat this one as more of a synthetic benchmark as there are likely to be quite a few improvements but for now, we had access to the benchmark and it's a doozy to run. Featuring full raytracing effects for the benchmark as well as DLSS, we ran that in Quality mode.

Bright Memory

Bright Memory is an action shooter that is currently in early access on Steam, will later be called Bright Memory Infinite when it fully releases. A one-man team has turned this game into a showstopper and now it features RT reflections as well as DLSS. We ran it at the High preset with DLSS set to Balanced for our testing.

Amid Evil

Amid Evil is a high energy old school shotoer that seems like an unlikely recipient of RT features, but here we are with insane DXR support in a modern retro shooter. Feature RT Reflections, RT Shadows, and NVIDIA's DLSS support we had to put this one through the rounds and see how things went. The RTX version of this game is still in beta but publicly available for those who want to try it. We tested with all RT features on and DLSS enabled.

Death Stranding

Sam Porter Bridges has delivered one of PS4's most anticipated games to the PC community and opened a whole new wold of possibilities. This was the first game to feature the Decima Engine on PC and unarguably did it the best. Death Stranding may not feature ray tracing effects but it does showcase that DLSS can be used effectively even when RT isn't around. We tested this one just like we did in our launch coverage with DLSS enabled.

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