Resident Evil Village Is 60% Complete; First-Person View Has Evolved Over Previous Game


The development of Resident Evil Village is over halfway complete, according to the latest issue of Famitsu.

As reported by Ryokutya2089, this week's issue of the Japanese magazine confirmed that the next entry in the survival-horror series coming to PC and next-gen consoles in the future is 60% complete, and it has reached a turning point.

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Famitsu also confirmed that the Resident Evil Village first-person view has evolved considerably over the one featured in the previous entry in the series. More info on the game, the magazine added, will be revealed next month.

Resident Evil Village was rumored to be a cross-gen game, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been scrapped as they would have held back the game considerably, according to well-known insider Dusk Golem.

Because there's a bigger focus on exploration this would lead to the last-gen console versions having notable issues, and it was holding back how pretty they could make certain scenes. So they decided to drop the last-gen versions of the game to make it so the game had no loading at all (not limited by last gen hardware) and push the graphic overhaul further without the limitations of last-gen tech in mind.

RE Village is the eighth main entry in the series created by Capcom. Powered by the RE Engine, it will feature the most realistic graphics ever seen in the series so far.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth entry in the best-selling Resident Evil series. The all-new title is currently in development using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, which was used to create vivid gameplay experiences in hit titles such as Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Devil May Cry 5. RE Engine paired with next generation console technology will elevate the survival horror experience in Resident Evil Village to new heights, as the title will showcase the most realistic and terrifying graphics to date.

Resident Evil Village releases on a yet to be confirmed date on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.