Resident Evil Village Gets New Story and Gameplay Tidbits Via Famitsu


Resident Evil Village, also known as Resident Evil VII, is certainly the most anticipated game among CAPCOM's upcoming lineup.

A sequel to 2017's Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil Village will put players once again in the shoes of Ethan, a few years after the events seen in the previous game.

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The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu contains some new tidbits shared by CAPCOM. Luckily, Alex Aniel has managed to translate the info for English fans on Twitter.

First of all, Famitsu confirms in the article that it is indeed Chris Redfield who brought Ethan to the mountain village that is the game's setting, though his motives remain unknown. The protagonist awakes there after an unspecified period of unconsciousness.

With regards to the creatures players will encounter in Resident Evil Village, CAPCOM said they are not capable of speaking. However, they do behave like a pack or swarm and can even wield weapons against Ethan.

The developers also stated that the village and the villagers as a whole are considered to be protagonists of their own in terms of presence. A new photo shows the villagers reciting prayers and holding hands in a circle, though CAPCOM suggested they might be doing so in order to protect themselves from danger rather than for some more nefarious reason. Lastly, the Japanese journalists spotted a villager who seems to be willing to sell goods to Ethan in a similar manner to the merchant in Resident Evil 4; when asked about him, the developers simply replied that Ethan's life will depend on the guy.

Resident Evil Village is currently slated to launch at some point next year for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X. A recent rumor suggested it could be made available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well, though it's not confirmed as of now.