Resident Evil Fan Remake Demo Now Available for Download

Ule Lopez
Resident Evil Fan Remake

“Resident Evil” and “remakes” have been terms put together very often in the past five or so years. You have Resident Evil 2’s remake, Resident Evil 3’s (rather divisive) remake, and the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake releasing in March 2023. But what about the first game? Well, fans of the series look to take that matter into their own hands.

Previously, we pointed out how the Resident Evil fan remake is looking quite promising, and we’ve got another update relating to that project. The fan remake of the first game actually has a demo, and with their preview on Twitter, user RESIDENCE of EVIL has some gameplay in store, too.

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Crafted through Unity, the project aims to recreate the locale of the first game with a visual style similar to the official Resident Evil remakes. The shooting and movement look like they function the same as the main remakes, and of the cutscenes shown in the Twitter video, things can only go up in terms of quality (not to say it looks bad by any means).

As for playing it, PC users won’t have to wait very long at all. The demo is playable right now on PC, and you can download it here (or use this link for Spanish players). You’ll need about 7.22GB of free space to download the program files, though, so be sure to have some space available.

Unity makes this remake possible, and upon further research, the game will not use the exact control scheme as RE3make. Also, the current version has some bug fixes, so if you’ve downloaded a prior version, you’ll probably need to update it to see those fixes in action. We’ll continue to update as more information on the Resident Evil fan remake, be it updates, full releases, and more, as it’s released.

The Resident Evil fan remake demo is playable right now on PC.

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