Resident Evil 3 Remake 1.05 Update Fixes Xbox One X Performance Issues

Francesco De Meo
Resident Evil 3 Remake

A new Resident Evil 3 Remake update is now live on Xbox One, finally fixing the performance issues seen on Xbox One X.

The 1.05 update has gone live a few hours ago worldwide. The update is around 100 MB big, and, according to multiple online reports, the game now runs at near-perfect 60 FPS during gameplay, with some users noticing some light frame rate drops during cutscenes.

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The Resident Evil 3 Remake Xbox One X performance issues emerged following the release of the playable demo last month. The game ran at full 4K res on Xbox One X, but it struggled to keep a steady performance. The same issues were present in the full game before the release of today's update.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the best action-driven entries in the series since Resident Evil 4, as highlighted by Nathan in his review.

Resident Evil 3 is the franchise’s best action-driven entry since the glory days of Resident Evil 4. A beautifully-balanced combination of white-knuckle mayhem and satisfying old-school tension, Resident Evil 3 is compulsively-munchable popcorn entertainment that, unfortunately, disappears all too quickly. If you’re looking for value, there are certainly meatier games out there, but few that will leave you licking your fingers as happily as this one.

Resident Evil 3 Remake comes with a new online multiplayer mode called Resident Evil: Resistance. Despite some interesting ideas, this mode fails to be a compelling addition to the experience.

The Resident Evil multiplayer curse continues. Resident Evil Resistance presents some promising ideas, and messing with people as the Mastermind has its moments, but unsatisfying action, clunky level design, a lack of content, and manipulative microtransactions snuff out the game’s potential. Sadly, trying to wring more than a few minutes of fun from Resident Evil Resistance is futile.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

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