Resident Evil 3 Xbox One X Performance Issues Persist in the Full Version of the Game

Nathan Birch
Resident Evil 3

As we recently reported, the Resident Evil 3 demo has some issues when it comes to performance, with the Xbox One X featuring a very erratic framerate compared to the PS4 Pro, which mostly sticks to 60fps. Many were hoping this was just an issue with the demo, and that full version of Resident Evil 3 would have things ironed out (that’s what happened with Resident Evil 2 and its demo), but unfortunately, it seems that’s not the case. The tech heads at Digital Foundry have done a full analysis of the full version of Resident Evil 3, and found it’s pretty much the same as the demo. If you’ve got around 20 minutes to spare,  you can check out the full DF video, below.

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As in the demo, Resident Evil 3 runs at a full 4K on Xbox One X, 2880x1620 on PS4 Pro, 1080p on the base PS4, and has a variable resolution that can drop as low as 1728x972 on Xbox One S. But again, Xbox One X pays for that full 4K, as the game usually runs between 40fps to 50fps, with dips as low as 30fps. The PS4 Pro mostly sticks to 60fps, although DF did find spots where it dipped as low as 50fps. Meanwhile, the base PS4 mostly hovers at a fairly consistent 40-something fps, while the Xbox One S sticks to the 30fps range, with some brief dips into the 20s. So yeah, for now, it seems PS4 is your best bet if you want to play Resident Evil 3 on console.

I say for now, because according to Digital Foundry, Capcom has told them they’re aware of the Xbox performance issues, and a solution of some kind might be coming post launch. I think just letting players cap the framerate at 30fps, or reduce the resolution a touch, would probably make a big difference.

Resident Evil 3 hits PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on April 3. You can check out my full review of the game here.

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